2021 Goal Nominations

A national mission goal shall be chosen by a vote of the messengers at each annual session of the Conference for the upcoming Calendar Year. The goal shall meet the following guidelines: (1) the nomination must be for a mission of a church fellowshipping with the American Baptist Association. (2) The sponsoring church must authorize the nomination and a woman from the sponsoring church must present the nomination in the meeting. (3) The nomination must be for land, property and/or equipment.
When nominating a mission for the National Goal, a summary of the work along with pictures and other information is to be sent to the Publicity Director by April 1. Information about the mission is to be displayed in the meeting area at the session where the nomination is made. Offerings may be sent until the end of the calendar year.

*New this year- The NWC Officers met after last year’s meeting and thought it would be fantastic to have a short 1-2 minute video to accompany each nomination to show at the NWC National Meeting in 2020. Please contact Sis. Lisa Langley for help and information.

Nominations to be sent to the NWC Publicity Director, Sis. Lisa Langley, by April 1, 2020.

Contact Info:
Lisa Langley
Email- elvasgotit@msn.com
Cell (661) 805-4625

2021 NWC National mission Goal Nominations